My Visit to Syntheri Rocks.

It was calm after the rain stopped pouring.We had no idea of going out but all of a sudden we just made up minds to let ourselves out to go to Syntheri Rocks.

The drive was a splendid one as we could find only LUSH green everywhere and our lungs breathed pure Oxygen!!!

We reached our destination finally with a great cheer on everybody's face. Eagerness and enthusiasm filled to reach to the bottom.we made it to the bottom and the water was in its fully roaring spirit making milky waves splashing on us.There were plenty of tourists enjoying the same.

We could sit there for half an hour ad it started drizzling .. it was a wonderful experience which has to be experienced by one.. we were stranded outside without umbrellas and our only shelter for the time was the trees...all of the people present were under the trees.

after some time the rain had drenched us all of them completely we managed to leave.It was indeed a great opportunity for us to get the rain which in turn helped us climb back the steps in a cool manner. We reached on the top and had a realisation of our clothes being dried up to the maximum.

We could make out the efforts by the forest department to keep the place clean and plastic free is not happening as people break these rules according to their requirements.I personally feel it should be one's individual deed to make sure he does not pollute the forest and put in his/her best efforts to keep and maintain our rich nature.

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