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Welcome to this Blog on Dandeli, a small initiative to provide a clear picture about Dandeli as a place, and its surroundings.
Dandeli has been widely acclaimed for its natural beauty and the lush green jungles. This blog guides you and gives more information about the place how it is, what are the options available for you as a tourist, more information on sight seeing, staying options, travel arrangements, resorts, homestays, guest houses and food. Providing you detailed description about the facilities available in Dandeli is our main ideology. This blog will be a tool for you to get your information on the below listed points.
  • Providing Tourist Information,
  • Bookings to any resort in the region,
  • Homestay accomodations,
  • Nature camps stay arangement
  • Formating a right travel package,
  • Transportation,
  • Jungle Safari,
  • White water rafting 
  • Bus ticket bookings or
    any thing you need... you just reach us.. we will arrange it for you.
Need any help in detailed information please do call on the number mentioned below in the blog.

Protect Nature!!!

In the recent few days Dandeli has been blessed with good rains and Its made the environment more lush in Green and the opportunity for tourism is higher. If you are planning to visit Dandeli also do not miss to ask for a visit to Dudh Sagar! another exotic and adventure filled place you would love to visit again!
While you are at Dandeli kindly follow a few guidelines which will help us restore the beauty of this place.

Some Do's :

  • Wear dark colored clothing, Shoes would be a good option to be with.
  • Have a stroll across the city, it relaxes you for a while.
  • Adore the nature! You have come here for nature! 
  • Preserve Nature, Spread awareness
  • Plant a Tree in Dandeli.. Check for an option with us.
Some Don'ts :
  • Plastic bags.. just avoid them,
  • Do no litter..Water bottles into the jungles, you can carry them back to the city and dispose in trashcan.
  • Loud Music scares the nature - enjoy the nature's music avoid Music
  • Cigarettes.. unnoticed it may tend to create a wildfire.. keep them away!

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Bips m said...

Hi Satya,

Yes...dandeli was a lovely experience...didnt really expect it to be so beautiful. where r u based?? u say u want to educate the locals about the ecology. i was appalled by the tons of chemical effluent that is being dumped into the river untreated. The locals told us that Greenpeace came here and forced the plant to get a treatment plant.....but after the ngo left...they hardly use it.

can somethign be done about it? do u think writing to greenpeace again would help? do u know any other environmental NGOs?

shobha.rao11@gmail.com said...

Hi Satya,
I saw your comment on my blogsite today and wanted to thank you for the same. Yes Dandeli is indeed a lovely place and glad to see that you actually have a website dedicated to it.

Mohan said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. It was a great experience, but for one thing. I understand all the stuff about living in the jungles, and experiencing nature first hand, but I feel that the facilities at the Pradhani camp were a bit lacking.
I can understand getting insects and mosquitoes everywhere, but the rooms were quite shabby. It seemed to me as if the proprietors were more interested in doing a cheap job, rather than a job done cheap.
The ceiling of the rooms were in a state of disrepair. Frankly, all it requires is a bit of maintenance. The sheets were torn, the blankets and mattresses were full of bugs.
Other than that, we had a wonderful experience. The staff gave us fresh sheets and were really helpful in every way.
We would like to return this time in a bigger group.

Akarsh said...

Could i get your phone number and mail id to contact..

Mohan said...

Hi Akarsh
please send me a mail from your email id and I'll send you my contact details

Akarsh said...


想想 said...

great ...........................................................

Anonymous said...

IT IS A VERY NICE SUGGESTION, THANK YOU LOTS! ........................................

Mother of Dragons said...

Wow I would love to go to Dandeli. Based on all the info here, I would definitely bring my family there! Thanks Satyanarayan

bhanu durga said...

Thank you so much for sharing such informative post.
Adventure activities in dandeli

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dandeli is a great place to visit.

Mohammed Rafique Magenta said...
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Dandeli Magenta Resort said...

Dandeli is the best place in north Karnataka to have good experience with nature

Unknown said...

Dandeli is best place for adventure activities. I prefer to stay in homestay as it cost you less. Visit this places in dandeli moulangi, Sykes point, syntheri rocks, chandewadi water rapids it's amazing